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Expand your network, strengthen relationships, and scale referral revenue with Lexamica. The only platform that creates trustworthy referrals through data transparency, automation, and analytics.
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Unlock Trust

Secure long-lasting referral partnerships built on trust with Lexamica: we foster trust in your relationships by providing a scalable revenue stream and consistent flow of high-quality clients and cases.

Create Transparency

Gain unprecedented clarity with your referral portfolio. Lexamica empowers you with real time clarity into where your referrals are and when you can expect payment.

Scale Revenue

Eliminate referral tracking hassles: automate the process with Lexamica and say goodbye to manual tracking and firm communication, while keeping tabs on your referrals with ease.

Relentless Simplicity

Our philosophy is that referring and updating referrals should be so simple that you enjoy doing it. Whether you’re a tech junkie in the cloud or an old-school email power user, Lexamica meets you where you are and connects you with your partners.
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Native Integrations

Streamline your law firm’s operational efficiencies through our native integrations with software like Litify and Casepeer.

Agreement Tracking

Securely manage your fee sharing agreements with partner firms within Lexamica. Create transparency for your team and eliminate the headaches of email threads and conflict over fee splits. Every referred case has clear fee sharing in place from the very beginning.
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Trusted Network

Search our database of vetted, trusted firms open to referrals for the case type you have. See how quickly they respond and the number of cases they’ve handled in the specialty you’re looking for.

Secure Email Access

Remembering another username and password is a pain. No-password login makes it easy to log in through a one time use link sent to your email for added convenience and security.
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Powerful Analytics

Unlock valuable insights with advanced analytics: understand your referral portfolio, track case history, acceptance rates, and recovery performance for optimal business intelligence.

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5 stars review
Glen Lerner
"I must share my amazing experience with this attorney referral platform! It's user-centric, connects you with skilled professionals, and fosters effortless interactions. My search for legal expertise has never been easier. Love it!"
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Josh Sanford
"I've been using this attorney referral platform and it's honestly transformed my life. With a friendly design, great connections, and easy communication, it's made finding legal help so much simpler. I can't recommend it enough!"
Tom Kherkher photo
Tom Kherkher
"This attorney referral platform is a game-changer. Its intuitive interface, extensive network, and seamless communication make finding the perfect attorney stress-free. Time-saving, reliable, and highly recommended for legal assistance."
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5 stars review
Matthew Haynie
"I'm thrilled with this transparent attorney referral management platform! It's easy to navigate, enhances communication, and streamlines the referral process. Finding trustworthy legal support has become efficient and stress-free."

Still Have Questions? We Have Answers

How do I know if Lexamica is right for me?
Our software is designed to benefit large law firms looking to save time and money on the referral process. We automate the process and provide analytics so that you can make data-driven decisions. Our platform eliminates the need for manual tracking and follow-up to ensure prompt payment.
How long does Lexamica take to set up?
At Lexamica, we prioritize simplicity and efficiency. Our 1-minute sign-up process and 15-minute setup process make it easy for busy law firms to get started with our platform.
What is the pricing?
Lexamica's pricing is tailored to the size of your firm. To learn more about how we can create a pricing plan that meets your specific needs, please connect with our team.
Is Lexamica an intake platform?
Lexamica is not an intake platform. Instead, we help law firms track and share referrals in a secure environment that brings transparency to a traditionally muddy process.
Why should I care about fee sharing?
Fee sharing can expand your client base, enhance your firm's expertise, reduce costs, and mitigate risks, resulting in increased revenue.
Can I join the network only?
Absolutely. New referrals are posted daily and you can join for free.
How secure is Lexamica?
Lexamica provides a secure environment for exchanging referrals with trusted attorney partners while ensuring the confidentiality of both your and your clients' data.
Do my partner firms need to sign up?
Lexamica simplifies the referral process by providing partner firms with a secure, one-time sign-in link sent to their email address. This eliminates the need for partner firms to create an account or sign up with Lexamica.

Ready to simplify your firm’s referral process?

Experience Lexamica’s relentless simplicity through transparent referral tracking and analytics that provide clarity into your firm’s referral revenue.