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Leave Your Problems Behind

Great co-counsel for every lead

Curated co-counsel in the six most important practice areas in 50 states mean that you can plug into the same network as the best and start earning right away.

Track all fee sharing agreements in one place

Every single lead has a fee sharing arrangement in place when it’s sent. You’ll never have to worry about what the fee share is again.

Know your top co-counsel partners

Track your co-counsel by speed to lead, acceptance rates, outcomes, and more. Stop living in the dark about who is getting you the results you want.

Real-time updates on matters

Get real-time matter updates synced back to your law firm. API integrations with top law firms mean that you don’t have to request updates.

On-time payments

Track your open matters and get paid when it’s time. No more checks in the mail that have not case assignment. You’ll know which client and matter are associated with every payment

No more stress

Stop worrying about what is happening when your phone rings and know that every caller is handled well.

Why Refer?

Referring allows your firm to increase revenue by leveraging your expertise to connect clients with the best lawyers for their claim.

Unsupported practice areas

For cases outside your firm's expertise, referrals ensure clients receive specialized representation without sacrificing potential revenue.
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Outside your state licensure

Expand your reach beyond geographical limits by referring cases to licensed partners in other states, maintaining a stake in cases nationwide.

High stakes trial cases

Refer complex, high-risk trials to seasoned litigators while your firm shares in the success with minimized exposure and resource commitment.

Custom campaigns

Leverage the niche expertise of other firms for specialized campaigns like class actions or mass torts, ensuring clients benefit from top-notch legal strategy.

Practice Areas Covered

Medical Malpractice

This field deals with cases where substandard medical care by healthcare professionals leads to patient harm, focusing on issues like misdiagnosis, treatment errors, and care management.

Employment Law

Employment law encompasses legal issues related to the workplace, including wrongful termination, discrimination, wage disputes, and workplace safety.

Premises Liability

This legal field deals with accidents and injuries that occur on someone else's property, holding property owners accountable for unsafe conditions that lead to injury.

Data Breach

In the aftermath of a data breach, whether it’s a cybersecurity incident, unauthorized access, or data theft, you need a lawyer who will work to address the impact on your privacy and potential financial losses.


In the wake of a Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) violation, such as unauthorized telemarketing calls, unsolicited text messages, or the use of automated dialing systems without consent, it is essential to have a lawyer who can address the impact on your privacy and potential financial losses.


The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law that regulates consumer credit information. It ensures accuracy and privacy, giving consumers the right to access and dispute their credit reports, promoting transparency and protection.

Auto Accident

Auto accident law focuses on legal claims arising from road accidents, addressing issues of negligence, liability, and compensation for injuries and damages.

Social Security

This practice area deals with issues related to Social Security benefits, including disability claims, benefit disputes, and eligibility concerns.

Worker's Compensation

Worker's compensation law provides legal pathways for employees to receive benefits for injuries or illnesses that are work-related, covering medical expenses and lost wages.

It’s Incredibly Simple

Place. Track. Paid.
Acountless Lexamica dashboard interface

Send leads to Lexamica

Native, one-click integrations and automation make sending leads into Lexamica simple. Never do double data entry again.

Auto-matching with co-counsel

Our intelligent matching system pairs your case with the co-counsel, ensuring a perfect fit for case requirements and maximizing chances of success.

Get updates on your case

Stay informed with real-time updates, from case progress to resolution, ensuring transparency and peace of mind throughout the referral process.

Get paid!

Finalize cases with ease and receive your referral fees promptly, facilitated by Lexamica’s smooth and secure payment system.

Total Referral Management

Build a powerful referral business today.
What are white glove account managers?
White glove account managers are our premier service experts who provide personalized, hands-on support to optimize your referral process. They're dedicated to ensuring your firm's unique needs are met with the utmost care and professionalism.
How does the analytics suite enhance referral data management?
Our analytics suite offers comprehensive insights into your referral data. It tracks performance metrics, provides actionable intelligence, and helps you make informed decisions to improve your referral strategy and outcomes.
What is case status update automation?
Case status update automation is a feature that streamlines the communication flow by providing real-time updates on case progress. This ensures all parties are informed instantly of any changes, reducing manual follow-up and increasing efficiency.
Can you explain native integration with CRM systems?
Native integration means that Lexamica seamlessly connects with your existing CRM systems, allowing for a fluid exchange of information. This integration simplifies workflow, eliminates data silos, and ensures a cohesive referral management experience.
What makes your proprietary referral platform unique?
Our proprietary referral platform is built with the specific needs of the legal industry in mind. It's a tailor-made solution that facilitates the referral process, supports ethical compliance, and maximizes the value of your referral network.
How does Lexamica help to launch, scale, or perfect revenue streams?
Lexamica is designed to empower law firms at any stage, whether launching a new referral program, scaling up existing operations, or perfecting revenue models. Our platform provides the tools and support necessary to maximize referral income while maintaining high-quality client service.
Lexamica dashboard interface

Guaranteed ROI in 90 days

Get the future of lawyer-to-lawyer referrals with no risk.

Welcome to the future

Build a powerful referral business today.
No Commitment
The best way to start or increase your referral business with zero work.
Zapier integration
Access to curated network with pre-negotiated fee sharing deals
Two live onboarding calls
Email/Slack support
Six nationally supported practice types
Most popular
Annual Contract
The perfect plan for law firms where referrals are a core part of a thriving business.
White glove onboarding for your referral network
Native integration with Litify, Filevine, SmartAdvocate, and more
Custom live onboarding and training plan
Live Support
Custom fee negotiation with our partner network
Annual Contract
The ultimate referral platform including white glove services for campaign management, referrals, and marketing.
Expert marketing services: landing page
Create your own campaign with custom litigation types recruited for you
Customer-facing services & automations
Custom dashboards & analytics

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Our philosophy is that referring and updating referrals should be so simple that you enjoy doing it. Whether you’re a tech junkie in the cloud or an old-school email power user, Lexamica meets you where you are and connects you with your partners.

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CEO & Founder, Lexamica
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Our philosophy is that referring and updating referrals should be so simple that you enjoy doing it.
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Our philosophy is that referring and updating referrals should be so simple that you enjoy doing it.
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